Day-Boarding is the need of the hour. Not to talk of illiterate parents even the educated ones are finding it very difficult to provide proper quality education to their children. Given the constraints of traditional educational methodology: The bags are becoming heavier, syllabi is becoming rigorous teachers are not well informed, parents are frustrated and as a result students are stressed. Due to all these, the child is compelled to take a private tuition. The private tuition and coaching centers do not teach but simply do spoon feeding and the child becomes mentally handicapped and dependent. For these problems the Day-Boarding system occurs as a blessing for the parents as well as for the students. Here all the learning and homework is done under the supervision of efficient teachers. On the other hand at private tuition, one teacher teaches many students of different classes and different schools in a single sitting. Day-Boarding system lessens the burden of studies, bags and gives a mental relief to the parents. This saves the time of the child and money of the parents. The child gets sufficient time for other co-curricular activities. The child gets the time, affection, care & moral support from the parents. Students requiring special attention for certain subjects, receive remedial coaching until they achieve required standards. Similarly, the students desirous of taking competitions are provided coaching with the help of outside agencies. The school will arrange extra classes after the school hours, based on their needs. Special classes of various subjects will be arranged for them. The subject teachers pay personal attention to the students to make up for their deficiencies.