President's Message

I have been very fortunate to be given the opportunity to serve my native land with all my efforts. In the series of services it is one of the milestones in my career. With the grace and blessings of Almighty and co-operation of our management & friends we will always strive for everything that is excellent and we may work unitedly to further our goals and aspiration for years to come. This makes our work more joyful and helps us to look at the future with optimum. Our aim is not only to make the child literate but to make him an educated and fully mature person, so that he can serve the nation with best of the zeal and in the right earnest. Education at OWS aims at discovering, renovating and invigorating feelings and thoughts so as to open up young minds to experiment and change for the better. In a concerted efforts and in a process of inclusive education, where the interest and career of students is of primary importance, teachers, principal and the management encourage children towards achievements in all walks of life. Smart classes will be a part of regular teaching learning process. OWS assures to give the best citizens because we are committed to excellence in every field that is must for the upliftment of an individual, society & community as ' The Whole'.  

Deepak Monga