Chairman Message

In these challenging times the task ahead is enormous but we are well equipped to face the future. Oxbridge World School is an institution with feelings. It has built a campus culture that makes it a 'caring community' a place where every student is encouraged, cared for, bonded to classmates, teachers and school itself. Oxbridge has correct ambience for imparting education which is capable of bringing about a series of human unfoldment, essential for a life long education.
To develop academic excellence, the school offers a balanced syllabus with careful planning, guidance and enables the students' independent thinking and self expression. Group activities in the school inculcate the team spirit, feeling of patriotism in the student. These activities also teach them values of sharing and caring . The ideals of quality and excellence with emphasis on human values, commitment and discipline, help to mould the students to adopt a modern, progressive and global outlook with a secular mindset. At OWS every opportunity is provided to all the students to acquire the values and beliefs that will guide them throughout their life.
The school believes that every child has tremendous learning capacity & a unique potential if raised in caring & stimulating environment. We accept each child as he is, embrace him, identify his skills & nurture him to achieve his full potentials so as to make him a creative, competent, self-confident, quality conscious & enterprising global citizen.
Sanjeev Rai Sharma